I am just a girl with a passion for beads. I have a bit of a shopping addiction. I love Etsy like it's my job. I have been creating beaded jewelry since 2007. Over the past several years I have dabbled in resin, metalwork, wirework, polymer clay... but one things stays true. In my heart I just like to put beads together to make jewelry.
I work full time at an art museum in upstate NY, and my jewelry business is something I maintain in the evenings and on weekends. I am constantly surrounded and inspired by art, and especially love handmade components that I have found on Etsy and online.
My work has been published in magazines such as: Stringing, Easy Wire, Step by Step Beads, Step by Step Wire, BeadStyle, and several other Interweave publications. You can also see my designs in Chain Style by Jane Dickerson, Wire Style 2 by Denise Peck, Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thorton, and most recently I have written Bohemian Style Jewelry: 50 Designs using Leather, Ribbon and Cords, with co-author Erin Siegel.

I work out of my home, a spare room-turned studio. If you walked in, you would probably find me fighting for that chair with my cat Marley, some Adele playing in the background, and my favorite orange scented candle burning.

My jewelry designs are generally a collaboration between me and several different artisans. I like to create funky, colorful and asymmetrical designs that are simple and easy to wear.