October 25, 2010

Treasures found

Sunday morning I headed out with Joe to a small town about 40 minutes away, to go to one of my favorite antique malls- I was on the hunt to find either wooden boxes, or some sort of rustic props for my display table at my upcoming show. Remember last year, when I used the old window? I'll be using that again this year as well- but I want to also use some more vintage finds instead of manufactured jewelry stands. 

Joe had the eye that day and found this really awesome time card slot. Ooookay. Can you believe how cool this is??  AND the color is amazing!! I think it will be fab just hanging on the wall when it's not in use, but I have visions of this holding timecard-size cards punched with holes, holding earrings. I plan to make some cards for it, and then stamp the prices and maybe an owl on each card for a bit of character.


I thought I could use these small manila tags, but when I slip them into the slots, they slide all the way down preventing them to showcase the earrings clearly.
So, I'll have to make my own. I could get fancy and create eyelets, and add string to the ones I make, not sure if I will put all that time into it though knowing that people may just ditch em when they get home.

I also found this cute little wooden bench. When displaying jewelry, I like to have things at different heights so that people have a variety of things to look at when shopping. It adds nice dimension to the table and the rustic look of this will work perfectly. I also think it might make a pretty cool photo prop so I may try that out today.

And then lastly, I found this old wooden toolbox, the best thing about it, the leather strap handle! How cool is that!? I haven't seen anything like that before, and this piece is really kind of "off" which I also love. I'm unsure how I'll use this one in the display, maybe if I had prepackaged earrings on cards or something- who knows. Leave a comment if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

From a previous antiquing adventure, I also have this long wooden tool box that has a long metal pipe type handle. I think I might use it, and attach bracelets to the handle for a display.  Next thing on the docket, to find some appropriate non-fancy, rustic lamps for the table. And table coverings. And then I should be well on my way!!


  1. What gorgeous props! The time-card holder is incredible. It would definitely go up on the wall at my house.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you found! They will fit right in with your style!
    If only things like that would fit with my pottery...
    Antique-ing, yard sale-ing and such is such a fun way to shop!

  3. If you have a little jewelry mannequin, you can put it in one side of the box for a display. That is what I do with an old box that I use.

    Sissy & Jack's

  4. ok imagine me screaming and jumping up and down with excitement over that card holder..wowza soo cool.
    perhaps tapeing a flap of card stock onto the back of the manila tag (forms a little inverted U shape) to will hang on the rod might solve the earring holder issue.

  5. how big is the slot fro the time cards? you can buy the manilla ones @ the office supply store or sam's and they are pretty cool looking. they are long though and am thinking that might be goofy.

    what about folding your manilla string tags in half and hang them with string and hole facing down?

  6. Oooh, so envious. Jeff and I used to do that, then the kiddos came along. Maybe now that they're on their way out...

    GREAT finds. I'm going to be thinking about that slot thing and attempting to figure out a way to make it work all day. Hmm...

  7. That Joe is a keeper - what an amazing find. I love how it looks with your earring cards - so unique!

  8. Wow, awesome props! I'd love to see a photo of your space when you get it all set up!!!!

    Now I've got to start thinking about my own setup for the next two shows that are Christmas-themed....

  9. Im so jealous Im CRYING! That time card slot is soooo awesome!!!

  10. AMAZING! I would have bought the exact same pieces! :)

  11. Great finds Lorelei! Maybe you can turn the wooden box on it's side, put a few push pins or thumb tacks on the upper side and hang some necklaces from them? Just a thought.

    I love finding good steals at yard sales!


  12. wow, those pieces look so very great! I just love the potential that is offered with all of them. The wood basket... so manny different ways it could be used. Hope you post pics of your final setup so we can see how you use them!

  13. I wouldn't get too fancy on the time card earring tags because yes people throw them out but you want them to be part of your theme. How about making them look like real time cards? Wouldn't be to hard to do and you could write the name of the earrings in the name slot.
    For the wooden box you could turn it on it's side and place old bottle inside and hang jewelry on those or on it's side and screw hooks to the (new) top and hang items off them.
    Fun finds!

  14. Hey L!

    I love that numbered fixture! Very cool! Rio Grande makes these sticky hang tags. Maybe you can figure out a way to make them work for that fixture? Here is the link http://www.riogrande.com/MemberArea/ProductPage.aspx?assetName=40553637

    Much love,


  15. These are all so lovely! But I am most in love with the little bench. Amazing!

  16. ... but that time card holder... that's what I would have bought if I had to choose.. So unique! :D

  17. I would make long tags (probably 3 up horizontally in an 8.5x11 page) that has a graphic like your new shop promoting your shop. Kind of like a long business card. It could have the holes for the earrings on the top end. It would be less likely to be thrown out. You could print them on a cream or manilla card stock that would run through you laser printer. Sorry, the graphic designer in me took it and went running! If you need help with the layout, shoot me an email.


  18. I love what you and Joe found! I especilly love the timecard holder! Amazing find! I hope that you will post some pictures of how the displays turned out - I love to see them! :)

  19. *SOOOOO JEALOUS* CAn you fit your fingers in those slots??? I would get little stick on flat plastic hooks and stick them in the slots to hold the cards up.Even if you have to stuff them in with a skewer or something it would look fabulous! Or stagger your display as the earrings would keep them from falling through. *STILL JEALOUS*

  20. Anonymous10/25/2010

    Please be sure to post a picture of your finished display space. I would love to see how all this works together.

  21. Brenda Bailey10/25/2010

    I too enjoy the vintage look for displays! I purchased a photo carousel from 7 Gypsies and spray painted it a vintage green color. I then purchased downloadable ACEO cards, and collage tags from Etsy artisans,printed the design on cardstock and punched two holes in each for earrings. I bagged them in cellophane bags and hung them from the clips that came with the carousel. Customers love the packaging and the earrings are ready for gift-giving. My label is on the reverse of the cards so that customers can contact me to buy more earrings! Some links if you like:http://www.bluemoonscrapbooking.com

  22. Lorelei. I love the potential of the time card rack. I hope you will share pictures of your display table once you figure out the card issue. I am always looking for displays for my blog, Retail Details. I'll watch for pics here or you can email them to me.
    Owner, Retail Details blog

  23. very cool finds! Congrats

  24. Lorelei,

    The long-handled box sounds like a fantastic idea for bracelet display! That little box you have with the leather handle is also lovely; I like your idea of putting in prepackaged earrings. As for the card-holder, I don't know what to suggest there. However, you CAN'T go wrong with owls! :D

    <3 - jams

  25. Oh! Forgot to mention; vintage linens and old drapes make wonderful table cloths! Or even burlap paint-drop cloths, which you can spruce up with some fabric paint and stencils for a lovely effect. :)

  26. Lorelei, I love the rustic look you've got going on. How about pairing it with table coverings that are unexpected, like vintage lace or something luxurious like velvet or silk? Just a thought...

  27. You could cut pieces of something like foam core and put it in the bottom of the time card slots to raise up the bottoms & then your manila tags wouldn't sink too low. I've used foam core that way before and it works great! --SallyA

  28. I realized after I wrote about the foam core that possibly something soft like cotton balls or quilt batting would work better and be far easier to get down those slots! These would still allow you to build up the bottom of the slots so you could use your manila tags, but might be simpler to accomplish! Just an idea. --SallyA

  29. Anonymous11/01/2010

    Ohhhhh, that box with the leather handle...how about a couple 'old' flower pots holding wire trees and hanging your earrings on that? Fill the pots with pebbles and there you go???


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