May 22, 2010

Jewelry for a change!

All this book stuff all week, I kind of miss showing off jewelry!! Don't worry, I'll be back again around 11 to announce yesterday's book winner.  I got into the studio yesterday and made a few pieces. I have a love affair going with chain/metal.


Look at these delicious enameled discs from Anne at Gardanne Beads. I just ordered some more of these from Anne's shop this morning. I love how they look in these earrings. I could keep these easily, for myself.


I pulled out my copper rollo chain from Rings N Things, and created this triple stranded necklace using some of Kelley Wenzel's glass rings that she had sent me. I like the fun and colorful outcome of this necklace. The 3 strands, and 3 beads, has that whole THREE'S thing going for it.

I adore how this last necklace turned out. I layered one of Kristie's Artisan Clay textured donuts, with an old vintage brass coin also from Rings & Things! Wire wrapped with brass wire, and hanging from Vintaj brass rollo chain and then some large Vintaj cable chain. I added some wire wrapped sections of cornerless cubes and teal wood rounds. (hard to see in this pic)

Update... I leave tomorrow for Florida for work. I'll be gone til Thursday evening. I will keep my shop open, and will ship any purchases when I get back on Friday.  I will have my laptop and will continually obsessively check my email like always so you can also stay in touch while I'm away. It's such a lonely trip by myself, so please come and hang out with me on Facebook in the evenings, keep me company!!!


  1. Oh Lorelei your the best! Have a great trip and enjoy your self!

  2. Have a great trip in Florida, it's hot! much warmer than when you were here last. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. I always enjoy looking at your jewelry.

  3. Beautiful pieces! I'm loving chain too and can't get enough of it. I just love the last piece with the clay pendants and the coin!

    Enjoy Florida, even if you are going there for work!

  4. So pretty. I can't believe I missed out on all the giveaways - shoot. It was a screwy week here. Hope you enjoyed your birthday week.

  5. I LOVE the earrings....

  6. Love the new rustic look!! Very nice color combinations too!!! The earrings are my favorite- stunning!

  7. Have a great trip!! the earrings are lovely

  8. I love love love the earrings. Wonderful color and composition. Very productive day for you my dear. Happy creating...

  9. I love the way you layer your beads. Have a great trip!

  10. wow, these are really lovely pieces. Thinkin I'm gonna have to shop pretty soon...
    Hope you enjoy Florida.


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