February 1, 2010

Coming Soon

A ginkgo leaf
that looks like a tree.
Mary Harding, You are just so clever!!
I snagged this pendant back during the
big ceramic artist Open Studio Tour.
Been hoarding it for several months.

I like how this turned out, it's
just totally ME.

I did some beading yesterday
after my sister left. We had
a really nice visit.
We made chili. We went out to lunch.
We went and did a little antiquing.
I bought some sweet Teal glass canning jars,
to destash some of my buttons in.
I have one more jar left here, if you're

Anyway, there are some cute
pieces landing in the shop today.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Oh My, That necklace came out beautifully. You do me proud. It takes a great designer to really give a piece its magic. Thanks so much.

  2. oo i love this! fabulous colors & design!!! what a great piece of rusty stuff too!! sounds like a very fun day!

  3. love the necklace! Incredible!

  4. Mary Hardings pendants and clasps are so lovely! I always feel grounded by her work...a wind blowing or walking in a field. She is by far one of my most favorist jewellery designers! That is so nice Lorelei.

  5. So pretty! Love how it turned out!

  6. Really beautiful. Love the photo too.

  7. A beautiful necklace. The colors are just gorgeous!!!!


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