November 15, 2009

The Aftermath

the aftermath.
excuse the bags under my eyes.
if you can even see them
in this dark video.

The Display

My first Philadelphia roll. Yummmm!
Also, first time having Lox. It was tasty!
This was my lunch on Sunday at the show.
They had all kinds of great local food at the craft show.
I had a delicious cupcake too but it ate faster than I could photograph it.

I also got to meet a couple of blog readers, one from Rochester NY, Cindi Lynch and a local woman too that reads regularly. That was so cool. I felt a bit like a celebrity for those moments.


  1. It was so nice getting to watch your video:) You were wondering why people were looking at you out of the corner of their eye...well it's obvious my dear, your display was beautiful; your jewelry is truly unique and after watching your video you seem like a genuinly nice person:)

  2. Congrats on a successful show! I love the leaded glass window you use as a display piece - that's a very cool idea!

  3. Congrats - know you did well!

  4. Yay for a great show AND having Frannie to come help! :)

  5. just so you know, I am still lusting like mad over your little bench!The set up looked great, I really like the differing heights. Congrats on the show!

  6. Your display is really gorgeous, nice work. Sometimes, that is half the battle! Wonderful!

  7. You and your sister look adorable together in that pic.

  8. Your display looks great - I love the window and the red lamp shade -very classy. Glad to hear it was worth the effort. Hope you are off Monday and get to relax.

  9. Lorelei,
    great display of work...hope the show went really well.

  10. Okay, now I want sushi...and a cupcake for dessert!

  11. Lorelei- Get some sleep and drink some tea. Take care of yourself!

  12. I hope the show was gangbusters!!!

  13. Gorgeous display! LOVE the window, what a perfect display case! I'm doing my first show in the beginning of december... working on my display has been soooo much fun! You are a maven of inspiration! =)

  14. Your display looked gorgeous, Sweetie! Hope you had some fun at your show. What a relief to have your sister here with you, huh? I know it can be really tough doing shows by yourself. Love the video and the pics! :)

  15. The display looks so warm and inviting!

  16. They were peeking at you and nudging each other saying, "hey, is she the one with all those projects in the magazine? Wasn't she in Creative Jewelry?" Love the display btw!

  17. thanks for letting me cyberbrowse your tables! looks fantastic and I hope you did really, really well!



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