June 14, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I have been slowly collecting the components for this Alice in Wonderland themed necklace. I first got the idea when flipping through Beads 2009 magazine, and came across the page with some of Jennifer Heynen's Jangles beads, and Melanie's Earthenwood Studios beads.

As soon as I saw the Earthenwood clock, it all started coming together in my mind. I ask Jennifer to send me some of her ceramic links. This is the first time I've used Jennifer's beads in my designs! This piece is the perfect first use of Jangles beads. Then I contacted Melanie and she sent me the clock,
and also the key pendant, and mushroom charm. I knew I had been holding onto my rabbit Ojime bead for months, and knew it would be just the thing for that Rabbit element of the necklace.

And what the heck, I even made my own artbead, of sorts! I took some Vintaj Brass Co. name plates, and printed up a little Drink me tag, added a little yellow colored pencil, and glued it in between 2 plates. Then attached it with jump rings to each of the green ceramic links.

To make the piece a little more unique, instead of leaving the Jangles links plain, I wrapped some 26g brass wire with small seed beads around each of the steel wavy link sections.

I am really so proud of the outcome. I think it still keeps that wearability but also contains that special "Art Jewelry" element too.

It definitely makes me want to go watch Alice in Wonderland. My favorite version is the one from 1999. I'll leave you with a little bit of Alice...


  1. I love that necklace, you captured all the elements in that story. My favorite line from White Rabbit..
    Remember what the doormouse said. Feed Your Head! Feed your Head!
    I am slowly regressing as the day goes on...lol!

  2. This is fabulous! I love Alice and your interpretation is just beautiful!

  3. I really think you rock on this one! Great colors, unique little touches and you followed the theme with some very special elements, like the ojime rabbit! Awesome!

  4. incredibly unique, meaningful, and creative... i really love the extra touch of the wirewrapping and that bunny is adorable! love it!

  5. Fantastic! Lewis Carol would be proud! I especially like your seed beaded wire wrapped steel links. OK I like the whole thing, but especially those.

  6. Incredible - especially love the clock and the "drink me"
    Very original!

  7. only Alice could rhyme 'houses' and 'trousers'... *sigh* I love Alice.

    Its my favorite movie version too... especially the Mad Hatter bit and Tweedle Dee & Dumb. OH, and when the mice say " Stupid. How do you spell studip. S- T-... tea? Is it tea time?" We have it on (oh shock, horror, who would believe it) VHS!!

    Love the necklace too!!

  8. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all of your feedback. More than you know!

  9. These are adorable…you gotta love a bit of whimsy! I've just started adding buttons to some of my pieces, you should drop by for a look see and tell me what you think:)


  10. You win the award for originality!! Fantastic necklace Lorelei, so fun and imaginative.


  11. Ooooh! I love this version of Alice in Wonderland! Fabulous and amazing.

  12. You are such an amazing talent Lorelei! I love it! I love that you were inspired and that you kept on keeping on with the inspiration even though it took you time...haha...time, get it? Jennifer's Jangles beads are perfect and I love how you made them your own. And I have just bought my first Earthenwoods beads to play with. Brilliant I tell you! Enjoy the day! Erin

  13. This is certainly a very inspired necklace with a lot of great ideas to pull the elements together. Lovely work, Lorelei!!

  14. Anonymous6/15/2009

    wonderful necklace; i love the whimsy and how you put together all those cool beads. love the little bunny bead.

  15. Wow! I love how the necklace turned out it is really great. I love how you added the wires to the wavy links, I have added it to the cage beads but it never crossed my mind to do it with these. You are so creative. Thanks for using my beads, I am glad you like them.

  16. you astound me lorelei! this is such a wonderful design. I love how you did the beads wrapped on the connectors, so clever. great job on telling a story with your necklace!

  17. Just loved your Alice necklace!! You've inspired me to try something very similar. I

  18. Another amazing piece, Lorelei! You make my beadies proud!

  19. This is an awesome piece and brings back to my mind childhood tales which I love. Eh Gad, I have to get my studio going...trying to think where I put the funky monkey dad? He sleeps in there...

    Funky Monkey Girl,


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