March 14, 2009

Special Request From KitKat

Kat requested that I make her a lampwork glass bracelet using one of the new Jade Scott charms that I recently bought. I luckily had just the perfect lampwork beads from The Orange Bell (except that last one on the right, that's from Cindy Hoo!)

I hope Kat doesn't mind that I wear this for a few days. It's the sweetest, and quite possibly my favorite bracelet I've ever made.



  1. You should make two more - one for you and one for your store! OOh, I made a rhyme.

  2. Lorelei: I love this bracelet! I think the new copper Jade Scott charms are so cute. I really like your free-form "S" clasp too! And...the colors are my very favs!

  3. Wow, the lampwork is such a good match to the charm!

    I'll be happy to trade work tables with you for a day or two-that'd be fun!

  4. Anonymous3/14/2009

    This is one of my new favorites!! I love that charm! Nice work as always :)

  5. Wonderful combination of beads, metal, and that lovely Jade Scott charm. But my most favourite thing of all is your clasp.


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