August 5, 2008

Good Day afterall

Yesterday was a good day after all! Got some good news. A few of my necklace designs were accepted to a magazine. I'll let you know more when it gets closer to publication time. Which will be next July. I know, I know. Be Patient. I found an awesome new shop on Etsy yesterday. I'm sorry I have no jewelry to show today. I just didn't get anything done last night, as I had hoped. But did spend some nice quality time with a close friend, and that made me happy. I don't know how I found Jaime Beitler's shop. I believe it was just by accident. What an amazing talent! I fell instantly in love with the shop as a whole, and must have looked at every avatar and banner 10 times each, before finally picking out these three lovelies. Jaime is also making me a new banner for my shop that matches the Whooo Goes There design. I love the little owl.

Images courtesy of Jaime Beitler's Etsy shop. (Watermarks on images)
Jaime had so many that I loved... Here's a few more that I almost picked:
The best thing is, Jaime is having a sale on her avatars and banners! $4 each! You can't beat that price! And Jaime did all the artwork herself! Check out her other shop at:


  1. I love the three you picked out! They fit your style perfectly and so cute too!

  2. Aw! Thanks Lorelei!!! I'm just glad your day got better! :) I'm heading over to send your banner right now- yay!

  3. So glad you are "up and at em'" today! The banners and art are really cute!

  4. Hi Lorelei
    I've been enjoying reading your blog once I found it recently. Your jewelry is alwasy so unique and beautiful - and with a twist. Thanks for the link to the Etsy banner site...I'll have to check it out. And most importantly, CONGRATS on getting accepted the magazines!!!! That's great news.


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