July 3, 2008


I'm not really sure what happened. It's always been kind of up and down when it comes to jewelry sales. Weeks will go by, and not a single sale. I've been really trying to list consistently and that seems to be doing the trick. This week has been really good! I sold these pieces!

Spent some time in the studio last night. Feeling a bit nutty. Using my beads I received a few days ago from Terrestrial. I made these earrings and this long nut and wood and seed necklace. It's really cute and versatile.
I placed a couple of orders yesterday! One huge order from LimaBeads. They have really super inexpensive copper toggles that are so awesome! And I ordered some strands of gemstones, and of course some Green Girl Studios goodies! I also ordered some really super pendants from Gabriel. I have admired Michele's work for a while now, and have seen it in publications but hadn't taken the leap. I'm glad I did. Her work is just beautiful! I ordered these:

Hope you all have a great Thursday! It's really like Friday because I'm off tomorrow! WAHOO!


  1. Congrats on all your sales! :) I love the pendants you bought. I always look at her shop and admire everything. I am going to have to buy something soon!

  2. That is awesome! It is so funny how ebbs a flows of life are! I love the wooden beads!

  3. yeah! great news on all the sales. there are some lucky jewelry shoppers out there now.

    love the wood bead necklace. what a fun and funky little mix. And the gabriel pendants, I ordered 2 of the blue ones and can't wait for them to arrive. I love michele's work!!! I have a few of her pendants already, they are wonderful.

  4. Thanks Ladies! Not a lot of views on Etsy today. Must be a slow day for Etsy surfing!

    I love the Gabriel pieces. I should have ordered more. I hope she stocks the shop often. I have my eye on several more! The beads are really cool. I'm inspired by your necklaces lately with the chain and your square focal beads!


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