May 23, 2016

Supply Shop Jewelry Accord is closing

I have decided to close my little Supply shop for cording and ribbons, on Etsy [JEWELRY ACCORD]  Over the past few months, I have seen sales diminish and it's really been hard to justify to keep it open. I haven't put  nearly as much effort into the online promotion for the shop as I should. And so,  I have discounted the listings 50% off. Once the stock is gone, I will officially close the store.

Thank you all for your patronage there the past few years!  I am looking forward to new exciting endeavors that I am hoping to announce to you soon!

May 11, 2016

Free shipping, whaaaa?

That's right. Free shipping. To everywhere! Til Saturday! I don't think I've ever done that!! First time for everything folks. Enjoy!

May 6, 2016


I discovered these awesome wood chip beads at Michael's  yesterday and couldn't stand to leave the store without them! I really wish I had bought all the available strands!  The matte seed beads were a perfect pairing with the lampwork Garden Path Beads whale and the lampwork button from Bronwen Heilman. I really enjoyed assembling this necklace. It materialized fully in my head before I even sat down at my table, and I love it when that happens. Effortless.

The seed beads and wood chips are from the Bead Gallery, Halcraft USA. And they are 50% off through tomorrow!

This necklace is available for sale here.

May 2, 2016

Happy Monday!

Quite possibly one of the best things I have made to date. This is a variation of a necklace I created a few years ago and it never gets old when I assemble it. The porcelain wing components are from Round Rabbit Extra, the skeleton is from Green Girl Studios, and the "halo" is a Vintaj Brass Co. component. In this piece, I used these wood cubes because they played off of the rust color linen cording that I chose to attach the wings to the skeleton piece.

Available here.

April 26, 2016

Miss Mojo, Where ya been?

I am ready for summer, cant ya tell?

I really love this bracelet design, and keep making it because.I.Love.It.

Making all the things that I like.... that was some awesome advice I got recently.
Thank you Heather Powers.

 Just look at those soft colors. This piece practically built itself.

I did one of these a while back with a dragonfly.
I quite like this version!! oh yea. A LOT!

These can all be found HERE.

Tea Tins

To you, this may look like just a normal tin for an especially tasty tea. But when I saw this tin at the grocery store, I thought JEWELRY.  I love the blue and black accents against the taupe matte background and had every intention of cutting this one up. I had 3 tea bags left, that I hastily tossed inside the cupboard and began the journey yesterday afternoon to create a series or set of jewelry with it.

Using the lid, I made earrings first. These little golden brass bees seemed like the perfect accompaniment to the brass discs, and also because I'm out of the oxidized brass wires and have the gold ones in stock. But I like how the bees look, when perched on top of the patterned tin.

The bracelet took the most time, cutting the discs, and riveting them together with some discs of plain floral patterned brass sheet. But mostly because I'm out of my brass spacers, and had to dig through drawers to find more of them to use for each connector. 

Here is the backside:

And then finally the necklace, which is patterned tin discs - with the patterning on both sides, riveted together with Vintaj Brass rivets. I pulled in some faceted glass beads in a matching blue.

 I could see these pieces becoming true heirlooms!

They are available here.

April 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning Destash Sale

I need to clean out some very old stock. There is no sense in it collecting any more dust- someone should be enjoying these beauties.  So this sale is two- fold. I hope to get a few bills paid, and possibly start buying some new supplies like beautiful strands of glass and semi-precious stone, and restock my chain.  Some of the art beads have been discounted because I am offering them in groups. To make it worth your while.

I will be getting everything listed tomorrow, Tues April 12.  I hope you can stop by and maybe snag something fun for your stash!

Click here:

Here are a few sneak peeks at some things you'll see tomorrow in the destash sale....

April 8, 2016

This week in Business

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the week!
These are all available either in my ETSY store or webstore.
Etsy has a new look! What do you think of it? I like it! I like that I can pick a banner size- I really love that because I could create a banner that looks quite similar to my website.... making the transition almost seamless.  They are moving in the right direction. I think if they were to come up with some different themes to choose from, or photo size options, I'd be smitten. 

I do not have plans to use their new option for website (called PATTERN) only because I really like my Indiemade shop and I can link it to my ETSY store, and I don't have to pay them commission on my sales.  But I know that this will be a nice option for some sellers.

The past few months, business wise- has been kind of a roller coaster. I'm sure a lot of you handmade makers out there can attest to that as well.  What worries me is, it's tax season and shouldn't sales be UP? not DOWN??
I'm trying hard to stay motivated to keep creating new things even during this tumultuous time but it's becoming harder and harder. I think that this particularly difficult time, has resulted in some mild depression that seems to lightly dissipating as Spring approaches.  I keep waiting, each day telling myself, maybe tomorrow will be better.

I started looking a little bit (ok I spent maybe 3o mintues) looking at part time jobs in the area, and I must admit. This caused even more anxiety.

How do you battle the business blues?

April 7, 2016

Fly Forward

 A fantastic first Veera Valimaki shawl project under my belt! I really enjoying the process of knitting this. Nice short rows, with not a lot of stitches to work! Towards the widest part, the short rows got a tiny bead tedious, but I slugged on and finished in approx. 2.5 weeks while working on other things.
The pattern was written perfectly! Very easy to follow!
The twisted rib rows get a little lost in the speckled Madtosh yarn but I still love it.
Highly recommend this pattern!

March 29, 2016

Spring Floral Tin Snippets

These new Tin Snippets components were crafted yesterday and are now available in my webstore.  I cut this tin from the lid of a gorgeous tin candle that I got at Pottery barn! These are from the lid, but I have to burn down the entire candle before I can get the rest of the tin ready to cut! I hope it doesn't take too long, but it is a large candle (3 wick- though so maybe it will burn down quicker!)

I fell in love with Spring floral motif of the printed tin. It's so beautiful and perfect for the season!

March 21, 2016

Spring Time SALE

Today through Friday, please enjoy 30% off in my ETSY shop by using coupon code SPRINGTIME

March 18, 2016

Let's start a conversation...

1. there is a new podcast up as of Monday this week. Find the Knits & Beads podcast link up above!

2. I made some things this week that I have listed in my online shops....

Some observations from the week....

I wanted to share some of my thoughts on a few things with you. After a lot of thought on these topics, it's bubbling over and I have to get it out and the blog might be the best place to start a conversation.

Business practices lately have me really questioning the world of handmade. I am noticing that places to connect with virtual customers has a different feeling these days. Let me see how to say this. For example, Instagram. Once a place that was really just a fun place to follow favorite people,  a place to favorite photos, is now a business venture. People use it to sell their things. Or de-stash their things. And I'm noticing there isn't really any etiquette. Ya know how back in the day, blogging was big in the handmade community? It was kind of a great etiquette to follow blogs that follow you.  I still operate under that mind set and I guess things have changed along the way because people that use instagram as a way to connect with people don't follow that same etiquette. Just because you follow them, doesn't mean that they feel they need to follow you. This affects the camaraderie, don't you think?

Another example. Ravelry. I have friended folks I admire, other designers or podcasters, on Ravelry, and for the most part I have always been friended back.
Another way to communicate is via the forums and groups inside Ravelry. Most podcasters start up a podcast group in which they have threads opened up for each episode to encourage chatter...or have a separate thread for questions viewers might have for the host.  I do see a lot more one on one communication here, but still have seen people admit that they don't respond as much as they should. Or that they can attest that they "read every comment" but might not be that great at responding.

Podcasts on Youtube. I have subscribed to many podcasters, but have not been followed back. Further, I have commented on podcasts I enjoy and have gotten very few responses back.
And further,  I have mentioned podcasts on my podcast, as a way to pass on the love to people- sharing with them who I like to watch.

As I am watching my subscriptions, I notice people shouting out to other podcasters, or thanking them for mentions, and I think to myself....How do they know?  I have yet to figure out a way to "tag" people in the descriptions of my youtube videos... I don't believe there is a way. So my next thought was, the people must reach out to them and let  them know they mentioned them. in a private message. And so, I reach out and tell about 5-6 podcasters, hey- this week I mentioned you in my episode. Not in any expectation that they are required to mention me on theirs but  following the whole mind set of nice etiquette figured I might get a mention or two.  As you can probably guess, that was not the case.  So now I feel a little stupid. Like maybe there is some unspoken thing about reaching out, maybe it was tacky. Maybe now I'm the laughing stock of that community because of this.

As for Facebook- ugh. that is kind of a passe now eh? Facebook has become a different kind of beast and I have seen people move away from this avenue to connect with customers because unless you're dishing out tons of cash for advertising, it gets a business owner no where.
I tend to follow a business page, but friending new people rarely happens anymore.  Which leads me to the thought- where is the one on one communication happening these days? Because even instagram seems a little transparent.

So my question is.... If people are using these avenues to better their business, gain customers, and in reality form relationships with their followers, shouldn't they work harder at maintaining a strong level of camaraderie by keeping up on comments, responses, and good etiquette practices ? I mean that is what helps my business. But if I'm commenting and trying to open up lines of communication with someone I essentially might want to buy something from, and I don't get any response, that in turn can definitely have the opposite effect.

what do you think?

March 10, 2016

Scrap Yarn

I had been wondering what I would do with all this scrap yarn I have been accumulating. Every project leaves a ball of yarn leftover, and they are starting to really build up!

I have been creating some special braided cords for my own jewelry for a few months now. Such as....

So Today I made some for my Jewelry Accord store! I have many more colors than these but wanted to start out slow in case it wasn't something people were interested in using in their own designs.

Each listing includes 2 sizes, 1 is 7 inches and 1 is 18 inches. You can use them separately or together in 1 piece if you wanted to. The ends have been left unfinished so that you can find your favorite ways to attach them to your work but I can certainly add brass foldover ends to each one in case you wanted a more finished cord.

Also, I am definitely open to custom orders for different lengths if these lengths don't work for you.

Find these new cords at