July 16, 2018

July 15, 2018

July 2, 2018


I am melting. There is no way I'm sitting in my second floor bead studio to make jewelry for the next few days. But here, enjoy this coupon code HEATWAVE for 25% all orders for the next 24 hours!

July 1, 2018

June 15, 2018

New Jewelry

Almost feels like a foreign concept to me these days, jewelry making. I have been busy working at the quilt shop (this week, 3 days instead of 2) and also have been very busy sewing bags!

But I made it up in to the studio today for a nice little relaxing beading session.
And I figured it was blog worthy.

Remember this Jade Scott pendant... AHHHHhhhhhhh- how I miss her work so much. But I got lucky this month. I was contacted by a dear friend Janet, who offered some of her Jade Scott on destash to me, and I am forever grateful!

I love this one because well.... it has a bird. Let's be honest. I still after 10+ years of jewelry making still love a good bird in a piece of jewelry. I just can't help myself.

And then I revisited this sweet bracelet design from back in the day....
An oldie but goody!

These have already been listed in my webstore if you are interested. www.loreleieurto.com

May 31, 2018

Elephant Slouch Bags Pre-Order Update Tonight!

Just so I don't get stuck with a lot of leftover bags that don't sell, I will be selling a small number of pre-order spots for an elephant bag like this one. 

They will not be exactly like this- I will do my best to make creative decisions in regards to elephant placement. 

Be aware, there are going to be a small LIMITED number of pre-order spots available. 

They will go up on my website tonight at 8pm EST. 

Please give 1-2 weeks *or less for me to make them.

 I am still acquiring all of the supplies to make them. 

The Price will be $65 plus shipping - International Buyers beware- When Packaged these weigh upwards of 1 lb. and will be pricey to send outside of the US.

May 6, 2018

Tierra Cast is Killing it!

As a bit of Ambassador for Tierra Cast, they send me a little sample of each of the new designs as they roll them out and my job is to tell you about it!
I apologize for not doing this regularly and I am going to promise to TRY TO GET BETTER at this blogging thing!

I too, fell into the trap of the ease and quickness of other social media- ex. INSTAGRAM. FaceBook!

Anyway, Tierra Cast is an American made company creating handcrafted casted metal components in Northern California!  They are doing amazing things for the jewelry community and the thing I love about them is they are readily available at all of my favorite online retailers such as Limabeads.com and Fusionbeads.com- to name a few!

I wanted to show some of the newest designs with you today because they are SO STINKING AMAZING!

First is these:  The pet charms feature little dogs, cats, bones, dog houses and adorable paw buttons. Great to make gifts for your pet sitter or maybe create a little charm bracelet for the animal lover in your life! I have someone in mind already for these!

Next is the Caravan collection- Boho inspired pieces and great options for earrings, and the magnetic clasp is very clever and perfectly strong for a bracelet or necklace. My favorite are the Hamsa charms with additional holes making them even more versatile for non- earring projects! I am envisioning an amazing multi stranded necklace with these!

And lastly, the newest collection that I just received yesterday and my most favorite ever- Botanical Birds! These have a really nice hefty weight to them, and they are designed by well known Jewelry guru Jill MacKay! Amazing pieces, great for all types of projects. The darkened silver patina on this set they sent me is so perfect for my jewelry aesthetic. I can't even pick a favorite piece... they are all so wonderful!

I hope you liked this little sneak peek into my Tierra Cast stash- I am looking forward to creating with these very soon!  Keep an eye on the blog for future posts!
I hope you are all having a nice and relaxing weekend!

April 16, 2018

Minor Changes at Lorelei Eurto Jewelry

To combat my current struggle to keep up with all of the credit card and shop fees of running two online shops, My Etsy shop, and My Website, 

As of today, you will find tutorials and ebooks at my Etsy shop www.loreleieurtojewelry.etsy.com
Finished Jewelry, Sewn items, and Tin Snippets on my website, www.LoreleiEurto.com
I updated the shop announcement and each Etsy listing to notify buyers where they can find my finished jewelry. And the website is linked under Ebooks and Tutorials, to my Etsy shop.
Any questions or concerns, please let me know. If you are unsure about shopping on my Shopify store, please rest assured it is completely safe and I do accept credit cards, and PayPal payments there.
Thank you again for your patience during this transition!

I am excited to get working on some new tutorials too!  If you have any ideas of what kinds of tutorials you might like to see me do, please leave a comment down below! 

I hope this change won't affect my followers too much. I can't imagine it would. I know many people will continue to support me no matter where I'm selling but I do feel badly for the people who really love shopping on Etsy.  Unfortunately I have not seen a huge incline of new customers while sticking around at Etsy. Most of my sales happen from direct links on Facebook.

Right now I have to be smart, and utilize the website more and to cut costs of running this small business of mine because Frankly, I'm not making much of a profit! After all of the fees for Etsy, the credit card fees, the listing fees, and the cut of my profit that they take, TIMES TWO- with my website fees.etc. it's just too much to run both right now.

I didn't like the idea of just abandoning my Etsy shop- So that's why I decided to keep it open and allow Etsy buyers to still find me there, and then they can find out there where to follow my jewelry.

If you haven't bookmarked my Shopify store yet, go ahead and do that! And if you don't follow me on Facebook @LoreleiHillEurto or @LoreleiEurtoJewelry - that is good place to see my newest work- I posted images there before I list new things.
I'm now in the studio 3 days a week- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  On Mon and Wed I work at a local Quilt shop.... which has been so wonderful- I can't even tell you!  It's been a God send- getting me out of the house and around people again. I am certainly not an introvert- I like to chat with people and I love being around fellow creatives, no matter what the genre!

I also share all of my recent work on my instagram account @LoreleiEurto

Thank you for reading this!
Love you all!
And am continually blown away by the constant support I get from my followers, some of which have been by my self from my very beginnings. 

March 13, 2018

Coupon Code: SNOWY

It will not stop snowing.
We will never see Spring at this rate.
To cheer myself up, I'm offering a coupon code at ETSY today only
Enter coupon code for discount at checkout.

March 4, 2018

#30daybeadchallenge Day 4 Reveal

Challenge: String a sparkly masterpiece using Swarovski Crystal Bicones:

The only way this piece actually happened was the fact that I inherited my Aunt's bead collection last year and had all these crystals on hand! They are not normally something I tend to buy- they are expensive although quite beautiful!

I tried to create something a bit more modern with them- usually I see designs using Crystals that tend to be over the top, formal- wedding jewelry even.

I think this piece turned out perfectly. I used some cool chain I got from a friend recently that I believe might be from my favorite chain supplier, AD Adornments.  I used beading wire to string rings of crystals and strung through the chain links.

If you are interested in playing along, get the PDF version of the calendar for the 30 day bead challenge and print your own, or refer to it here:

March 3, 2018

#30daybeadchallenge Day 3 Reveal

Challenge: Create a set of jewelry that you can wear together...

Not used to beading a Saturday- but alas the challenge doesn't rest! So I snuck up to the studio and put together this Pewter/Green trio of pieces that are not so matchy matchy- but together coordinate!
The necklace is strung on steel grey waxed linen cording, and beaded with hematite rounds, and some very special ceramic beads from Slate Studios Supply.  The bracelet was created around this matte ceramic button from Gaea, that has the same color- and I pulled out my Tierra Cast Vida Mas Dulce components AGAIN- and did a sort of unexpected thing with linen cording and I LOVE IT. each side of the bracelet is asymmetrical- the one side features silver leather from Classic Elements, and a Lampwork glass bead from Loupiac which just happens to be green with grey polka dots. PERFECT.
The other side is steel wire linked hematite rounds, and a Tierra Cast button. The earrings are the floral coin beads from Tierra Cast, strung on waxed linen cording with 2 sweet ceramic rounds from Elaine Ray.

If you are interested in playing along, get the PDF version of the calendar for the 30 day bead challenge and print your own, or refer to it here:

#30daybeadchallenge Day 2 Reveal

Challenge: Create a piece of jewelry with chain as the main element.

I never throw bits of chain away- you never know when you might need an extender chain, or rings off the chain to finish up a piece, and for this necklace design- I combined a bunch of bits, strung them on a wire with some cubes as spacers, and it's FRINGE! There are a few more of those awesome Tierra Cast beads again, in this piece- they are just so fun to work with!

You want to join in on the fun? 
It's not too late, and we are only on day 2!
Here's the calendar, or get the PDF version here:

#30daybeadchallenge DAY 1 REVEAL

Challenge: Make an easy pair of Earrings.

I recently received some samples from the newest line of Components from TierraCast so I've been reaching for them since they are on my studio work table.  The floral patterning is right up my alley. I used some of these crescent shapes and created easy earrings using just some jump rings, and some wire- added some color with these Mustard color Czech glass leaves, and some Vintaj Brass Co. butterfly charms.  So super easy, I think I finished these under 5 minutes.
They are available for purchase, here.

If you are interested in playing along, get the PDF version of the calendar for the 30 day bead challenge and print your own, or refer to it here:

February 23, 2018

Another Alice Purse.... now listed!

I made a couple of pattern adjustments on this newest Alice purse. This pattern can be found at www.sotakhandmade.etsy.com 

Instead of doing the 2 6 inch zippers on the front exterior - I just used a 14 inch metal Tim Holtz zipper from Joann's all across the front of the bag. I did this because if you are like me and have one of those oversized iPhones- I have the 6 plus- it would never fit in the smaller pockets.  This way, there is lots of room for a larger phone.

 I did the inset interior zipper pocket but not the slip pocket - I omitted this on the bag from yesterday as well.

I really love the reinforced bottom of the bag. ...

 I love these little leather rivet-able tags I found at Joann's!

The magnetic snap is handy just to keep things inside.... and a little easier than a zipper.

I also decided to a shorter strap that is not adjustable- for this new bag.

This bag can be found for sale HERE.