February 2, 2016

and Now, a Podcast by yours truly

Well..... I did it.

I feel like I have gotten enough positive feedback concerning me doing a podcast, and so I have recorded my first episode!


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Thank you all for the encouragement! I really enjoying recording this first one and I am excited to do the next one in a few weeks.

  I have not been able to come up with a name for it. I have no idea what to call it. Maybe even something like The Crafty Owl. Whooooo knows.

January 29, 2016


Let's chat a minute about Podcasting. What the hell is a PodCast??

Podcasts are typically recordings- When I think of Podcasts, I immediately think of something you listen to on your iPod while working on something else. But what I have discovered recently is that podcasts can also be videos. Which I tend to like better, because I'm more of a visual type of person.

Podcasting in the world of knitters is EXTREMELY popular. I have seen thousands on YouTube.  What I'm noticing is everyone keeps a similar guideline for their videos. They have intros, chat about the location they are podcasting from, mention the weather, and most of them drink Tea. They go through works in progress, what's currently on their knitting needles.... and then talk about what they're goals are for future knitting. Usually there is a segment that features the new acquisitions they've acquired, YARN. And then some knitters have segments on hand-dying or spinning their own yarns which lately I have found very interesting to watch.

Some of them have really great effects, like each section has a little image with text leading the viewer into each segment. Some of them are done really well! And some of them, not so well but you can tell each person is really enjoying themselves! And that's what truly matters most. 

Why don't jewelry designers do more podcasting? Is it more difficult to watch a video when beading or making jewelry?  Nowadays people are getting on board with Periscope which is a sort of podcast, but Live. Well, it's initially live, and then you can upload your broadcasts to youtube for late-to-the-party viewers.

I'm not sure why I am so fascinated lately in Podcasting. I feel like I'm sick of Facebook. I want more quality content and people aren't blogging anymore. So naturally I'm watching all of these podcasts, and wonder if I could do one - would you watch it? Because I'm really thinking about it. But, I'd want to do a two part video. Knitting- (because when I'm not beading I'm knitting) and Jewelry (because when I'm not knitting, I'm making jewelry)  Now, trust me. I tend to talk a lot about starting new things like this and then I get lazy and nothing ever happens. 

So tell me, would you watch an every other week podcast ? what would you want to see? I could talk about wine instead of tea. Because let's face it, I need another reason to drink more wine, and it would give me a chance to try new things.  And I could chat about new beads, bead artists, new publications on the market, new tutorials in the works, or get your feedback on what you might want to see me chat about. And then I could quickly show you yarns, and patterns I'm currently working on.  Kind of a beading/knitting/crafts/wine-o type of podcast.

I'm also really into the thought of cross-pollination in crafts.  Jewelry and Knitting have a lot of the same characteristics. There is many different supplies on the market, there are colors to choose, and patterns to follow or not follow, and lots of techniques to learn. There is still the excitement of building a stash for both crafts, and naturally we want to show off new stuff to our friends.  There is also an immense sense of community in the podcaster world/ knitter world/ and Jewelry world. 

I dunno.
Just a thought.

Here are a few of my most favorite podcasters.
(all knitting, of course)

Andy of AndreSueKnits - very charismatic and crafty on many levels. dying, spinning, knitting, and other craft related topics.

Dianne Brown, AKA Suburban Stitcher - has a Southern drawl that is so addicting to listen to, and I love the projects she picks.

One of the first podcasts I have discovered was Teahouse Knits. I absolutely love it and check every day to see if she has a new post up.

Jaclyn Salem of Brooklyn Knitfolk is a relatively new podcaster, and knitter, and I feel like we are at the same skill level and I love seeing what she's up to.

Hello Birdie

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January 21, 2016

TSK! the ETSY shop is almost empty!

I am starting to restock my empty little Etsy store, starting tomorrow morning. Find these new goodies listed there! Happy Friday!

January 19, 2016

Periscope broadcast from yesterday


Totally random and on the fly broadcast from yesterday....Out of the blue I decided to do a quick periscope video to show you a few things. Here- have a look!

show notes:

Pendants from:
Polymer pendants: OrnamentalObjects.etsy.com

Magazine publication: Jewelry Affair from Stampington & Co.

Beads from Andrew Thornton Allegory Gallery, PA
Pendants from Andrew Thornton
White Swan Illuminations

If you would like to follow me on Periscope so that you can watch my broadcasts live, download the Periscope app and follow me @LoreleiEurto

January 15, 2016

Bead Caps Update


Surprise! A big sale!

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Thank you everyone!! Please pass the word along if you can!

Again I really appreciate your support!

January 6, 2016

Beautiful Elements

Author Heather Powers sent me a copy of her newest jewelry making book to review. I was giddy when it showed up in my mailbox 2 days ago. That's right, just two days ago, and I already have a few things to say, and one finished inspired bracelet!  I get right to it these days!  Thirsty for any new inspiration I can get my hands on since a. it's winter, and b. it's below zero already and c. I very rarely leave the house.  That being said, I flipped through this new paperback as soon as I brought it in from the mailbox, even with it's icy pages, I was instantly warmed by the beautiful photography and creative projects on every page.

I really liked the layout of this book. Heather's previous book, Jewelry Designs from Nature, had a slightly different outline. In Beautiful Elements, Heather offers guidelines with techniques starting each section, and then a handful of projects that highlight these techniques the pages after. Her focus in this book seems to be lots of metal, wire, and polymer clay.

The texturing and sketching techniques on metal aren't intimidating. I felt relief when I realized I wasn't going to have to go out and buy more tools, or learn soldering. At the most, to achieve the sketching on metal I would need maybe a few new hammers to get these similar marks but for the most part I can use what I already have. That's a real BONUS!

Another aspect I love is Heather's focus to inspire your own creativity instead of encouraging you to copy the designs component for component.  Jewelry books in my opinion are meant to unleash individual visions and styles while using the techniques to create your own one of a kind pieces of jewelry. I have never understood book reviews from readers who give a mixed review based on the fact that they couldn't find every single bead and component to replicate the exact designs in the book.  My guess is that you aren't taking away from the book what the author is intending.

My favorite technique which I catapulted off of, to create my inspiration bracelet, is in the Add Detail To Metal section.  I loved the Wire and Silk wrapped beads where Heather uses a simple wire link, and wraps it with Sari silk, and then winds around it thin wire with some seed beads for accent. To play off that, I chose some Batik cotton fabric that I had in stock, ripped off ribbons of 1/2" width, and wrapped that around my links, and then just used some 24 gauge steel wire, without the seed beads.... and made several that I linked together with jump rings.  To add a bit more color,  I found a little strand of opaque magenta nuggets that I got from Heather a while back, and wire wrapped each one, dangling on the rings between the links. The perfect touch, this pewter heart charm from Green Girl Studios.

Everything Heather designs has a very earthy and Nature inspired spin on it which is one of the main reasons I love her style. The designs in the book reflect this talent and I can envision myself using this book as a guide for inspiration for many many years! I can't wait to try the next technique, and practice these new skills to take my jewelry to the next level.

If you haven't seen this book yet, pick up a copy! It's worth every penny.

Buy this book here.

Buy this bracelet here.

January 5, 2016

Winter Blues

I tell ya. 2016 is coming in like a lion.  I'm on this roller coaster of emotions after the death of my Uncle last week. Celebrating Christmas with my parents. Then finally feeling good to get my house back in order and Christmas behind me, and I find out more bad news. My sister has type 1 diabetes. What next??

So I Knit. To stay sane.

I finished this scarf yesterday and today, I mailed it to my sister.

In other news, check out a few new SPONSORS ADS in the side bar! I just added :

If you are a bead artisan that creates your own components or beads, and you want to 
become a sponsor with an ad on my blog side bar, email me! I am taking trades for beads for payment. 
1 month is $30 value, 2 months would be $50value; a year would be $250 value. We can work out any type of arrangement you like.

Currently I'm looking for metal clay components, or wire components such as toggles and clasps, links. Lampwork glass. and ceramics.

December 23, 2015

Christmas Week update

I will be keeping my online shops open all week but shipping will not resume until Monday Dec. 28. Thank you for your patience as I spend a few days celebrating the Holiday.
Merry Christmas!

December 8, 2015

Periscope Schedule

Have you ever heard of Periscope? I hadn't until very recently. I started following a Knitter/yarn dyer/knit designer, and her live streaming videos had me instantly captivated!  I watched intently as she showed viewers a demonstration on using a yarn spinner to make yarn from roving.  I was hooked!

The idea is, Exploring the world through someone else's eyes.  As a voyeuristic population, where we are constantly peeking into people's lives using social media, this is just one more way to do that. However, for a business owner like myself, it's a new way to connect with the people who shop my jewelry or follow me. And well, I want in.

Here's a little info graphic on how it works. When the broadcaster is live, they're sharing video, audio and location with viewers.  Viewers can interact with the broadcaster in real time, by sending in comments/messages, and hearts.   Follow people to get notified in the app that your favorite people are now live, or watch from links posted on Twitter.

My PERISCOPE handle is @LoreleiEurto

Follow me. I will be trying it out Wednesday at 3pm est.  with a little studio tour!  If you have any questions please post them to the comments on this post, and I will try to answer them. The last time I tried this out, I did have trouble seeing the comments and messages that viewers were leaving me but I logged in this morning and was able to see them.  If all goes well this week, with a decent amount of viewers,  I'd like to continue this at least once a week! I'm thinking like a Question and Answer session, maybe a tutorial here or there, or introductions to new work? Possibilities seem endless. Is there something you'd want me to discuss or show you? Please leave comments!

December 4, 2015


I instantly want to make a million of these simple chain and bead necklaces. It's addicting, large hole beads can be a challenge to find in the stash though.

As always I cannot get enough of Green Girl Studios beads. They could easily land in everything I make.

December 2, 2015

Tutorial SALE!

Get  any of my current tutorials or ebooks now till Friday Dec. 4 for 50% off! A great sale that doesn't happen often! Check out THIS LINK  for the current list.