September 2, 2015

Make Jewelry. Stop KNITTING!

This is what I keep having to tell myself. Over and over like a freakin' broken record. I guess that's usually the problem with starting a new hobby. It becomes very difficult to pull yourself away from it.  So I forced myself to sit in the studio all day and (every day) try to walk out with at LEAST 2 pieces of jewelry a day.  So far it's working out. I can knit a few rows with my morning coffee and then pick up later on in the evening in front of the TV. And I don't feel like I've wasted the day away playing with yarn when I should be playing with beads.

The more jewelry I can make these next two weeks, the more I can list online, and the more I can have to sell at Harvest Festival. An empty booth there with be no bueno.

Here's what came out of the studio today. These are all listed in my webstore. 

September 1, 2015

My poor little neglected blog

I am so sorry to neglect you! I am just having such trouble keeping up with posting here, plus designing, plus listing, plus knitting, plus buying yarn, it's too much!!
I have a pile of books to review, plans for giveaways, and tool reviews too! I gotta get back at it!!
My motivation these days is really really slack. For some reason I feel like I'm on Summer vacation.

Enough with THAT! I have a show in 2 weeks!! I have to get my butt in gear! I will be exhibiting my work at the 2015 HARVEST FESTIVAL in Sharon Springs, NY Sept. 19-20. I don't know where I'll be located until the day of the show. I will not be in Etsy alley- I didn't make the cut. :/ But should probably be located in my old location, amongst the big pines on the main street.  I may even have some knitted things for sale too. If I'm lucky. Right now I'm busy knitting little fall colored leaves to create a fun garland to decorate my tent.

Here, take a peek of a few new things from this week so far....


These can be found in my online stores! or

August 20, 2015

August 11, 2015

Bigggg pictures

I'm just playing around a little bit with blog design today. I have always wanted to showcase my photos on the largest scale.  I like it. But I do lose the side bar.... it's now at the bottom of the blog.  How do you feel about that? If you have an ad, I assume you would not like this layout. I'm curious, if you have an ad, is it still generating traffic? If you are a follower without an ad, how do you like seeing the image bigger.

Tap tap tap....

Is anyone out there?

(PS- The image is now changed to the extra large pre set size) Can you see it on your phones now?)


August 10, 2015

Kylie Parry Update Tonight!

Just a reminder to check out Kylie Parry's pendant and bead update tonight at 7pm cst.  She's got a shop update full of great little summer beauties and you won't want to miss it!

August 4, 2015

Image Transfer tutorial from Heather Millican of Swoon Dimples

You have probably recognized that I use a lot of Heather Millican's polymer beads. I just love them.... they incorporate two of my most favorite things. Birds and Words.  Love this double sided coin bead that I used in a multi strand bracelet yesterday! That owl image is also on the back.

If you are curious how to make make these image transfer beads, check out Heather's new YouTube channel and subscribe!

July 30, 2015

Creative New Components

Fresh off the studio workbench today, are these little lovelies! I was just messing around with some ideas, and developed these cute little components using my old vintage button stash. Riveting them together with screw rivets, and adding rings to create links, larger rings for toggles (and toggle bars) and even a few with soft leather.  Each one is double sided as well so that in case they flip, you'll have something pretty on either side.  I kept them kind of small too so that they aren't too heavy and they should work great for both necklaces and bracelets.

You can find all of these listed in my webstore

Each collage shows, the front, the back and then size with a ruler....

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

July 28, 2015

My First Sweater

I finished my very first actual knitted garment, a short sleeve drop stitch sweater.  I hope I'm not boring my blog readers with these knitting posts but knitting has become my obsession these days. It started out as a hobby and has quickly become something bigger. I just love it. I love it almost as much as I love making jewelry. How is that possible?!

I wanted to pick a pattern that was easy, and quick. So the drop stitch knits up SO fast- and was a good one to start with. It was knit in two pieces, first the back and then the front. I got hung up a bit on shaping the armholes, and neck.... but got some great help from another knitting friend. One arm hole ended up a tad bit smaller than the other, and the body of the sweater ended up kind of wide but with the length, it kind of works. It's fashionable and looks great with a tank underneath.

I used a gorgeous Linen yarn from Rowan called Creative Linen.

If you are on Ravelry, I have a projects page there where you can follow my current and past projects. Feel free to add me as as friend or follow.

July 27, 2015

Maximizing Etsy to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry- Craft Online University

I recently taught an online seminar, similar to the online webinar, but for Craft Online University. It is a comprehensive step- by - step instructional seminar and guides you through each step of opening your online shop.  It's available for enrollment today, July 27 HERE!

I believe this seminar will be helpful to a beginner but also to a seasoned Etsy seller.

Opening an Etsy store to sell your handmade jewelry is the easy part. Maximizing your shop by listing items correctly and accurately can help you boost sales, and views.

Maximizing Etsy to Sell your Handmade Jewelry is a 1-week online class filled with images and instructions of easy to follow step-by- step guides by seasoned Etsy seller, Lorelei Eurto. Share your progress with fellow community members and work with the instructor in a collaborative and interactive online environment. Ask questions and get immediate answers from the instructor for up to 5 days after the course ends. Create your very own cohesive online shop and learn all the ins and outs of maintaining your store.

Learn a variety of tips and tricks from taking photographs, to understanding correct tagging and pricing your items.

The course is $19.99 and is available now.

July 23, 2015

Jewelry Studio Essentials

Any jewelry artist has their own precious studio commodities. To me, these are the items I use on a regular, if not, daily basis. these items are at the top of my must-have list these days.  I use these items on a regular, if not, DAILY basis. I’m sure everyone has a list of these extra special items in their studios and I encourage you to share what tops your lists in the comments below!

Follow along to find out my jewelry studio essentials!

Owl supillowAll photos from Lorelei Eurto Jewelry

My Supillow

The answer to my aching back’s prayers. This little guy showed up in my mailbox one day with a letter asking if I would be so kind as to try it out. I couldn’t get it out of the package fast enough. Read More....

July 20, 2015

Yarn Clubs

If you are interested in trying out new and exciting yarns and want a nice little surprise in your mailbox once a month, why not join a yarn club?

So far I have received 1 shipment from  I got the most beautiful purple yarn from Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play. 2 HUGE skeins!! This club runs about $40 a month.

You've got these options:

and then you can choose what colors you like, what yarn weights, cool vs. warm colors so that your subscription is just right for you.

I just signed up for to compare the two to see which one I like better. They offer a minimum of 2 skeins of Luxury yarn.  It runs about $50 a month plus shipping. 
These are your options:

And then you have the options for choosing specific colors/tones/weights to cater the club to your tastes.

I will let you know how this one is next month when I get the first box!

In other knitting news.... 
I finished my Candle Flame shawl and started a short sleeve drop stitch sweater this past week.  The Shawl was a dream to knit. The yarn I used is Malabrigo Mecha and it's delightfully soft and fun to work with. 

The sweater is proving to be a real challenge as I am learning different techniques and pattern terms as I go along. The pattern, called Statice, is one that I spotted in a catalog for Rowan Creative Linen yarn.  I just hope I can make sense of the shaping to get this finished. I want to wear it!!