March 27, 2015

WEBINAR: How to Start Your Own Knitting Etsy Store: A Step by Step Guide

When the folks at Interweave asked me if I'd be interested in teaching my Etsy webinar for a different genre, Knitting, I was leery at first. I mean, being a jewelry designer just lightly dabbling in a new knitting hobby, what do I really know about that. But, as it turns out, the instructional steps to starting a shop really doesn't vary much between jewelry designers and knitters. 

So I merely revamped the webinar to accommodate knits instead of jewelry - and while doing so, realized that Etsy has made some changes. Most of the listing process now looks different than it did a few months ago.  So eventually I'll be doing an updated version of the jewelry shop webinar to reflect these changes in my presentation.

If you are a knitter who has dabbled with the idea of selling your knits online, and would like a beginners course - something step by step showing you all the ins and outs of taking payments and running an online store, this webinar is really going to be the ticket for you!!

I will be presenting LIVE on April 1, and 1pm est. Head on over to the Interweave store to sign up for the live event but if you can't make the live event, you'll end up getting the recorded version emailed a few days after. Along with the Q & A answers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

March 25, 2015

Pretty Palettes: March Reveal

I feel so honored to have been asked recently by Erin Prais-Hintz to be a participant in her Pretty Palettes Color Challenge ! When she sent me the little mailer of beads and this color palette, my mouth literally watered. Look how juicy those colors are!!

Seriously, a breath of fresh air in this never-ending winter. Oh yes, it's still winter here in upstate NY. We are starting to see edges of grass but for the most part the ground is still covered with brown dirty snow. ACK!   So this image really signifies Spring for me. Life. Waking UP from a long and hibernating winter.

I have to admit, I was not able to get a sneak peek up a few days ago like I should have, and I feel terrible. I am hoping that my finished pieces will make you forget all that. ;)

She sent along several Halcraft Bead Gallery beads from Michaels- beautiful beads in the color palette but some with texture, some with facets, and others with more of a matte finish. Really lovely combination of beads.

I created two pieces of jewelry- a bracelet and a necklace....

The bracelet incorporates a hand stamped copper washer "lucky" playing off the clover inspiration. I used the copper ovals, ceramic rounds, faceted glass broilers and rounds, and added some cute teal beaded chain that I strung onto the wire with the beads.  Off the large swivel clasp, is a  Claddagh ring where I dangled some wire wrapped Faceted glass dangles in the bright green color way.

The necklace turned out fantastic with an asymmetrical style of stringing the beads. I felt like it definitely needed a focal pendant so I used a patina Hammered Greek Mykonos Metal pendant from Stinky Dog Beads, with some linen cording and knotted glass beads. The clasp is a copper OM button, from Tierra Cast that fits into a seed beaded button loop.

Take a minute to head over to the Halcraft blog to see what Erin Prais-Hintz and Erin Strother created for this challenge!

March 23, 2015

Cats in Hats Book Review and Blog Hop

Cats in Hats
Sara Thomas
Running Press, 2015

I had to chuckle when I was asked if I wanted to give a book review of Sara Thomas' new book from Running Press. As a cat owner, of two little black beauties, my imagination went crazy when I started thinking of them wearing little knit and crocheted hats.

Just look at that kitty on the cover.  


The book showed up on my doorstep and I grabbed a coffee and sat down and was quite entertained throughout the 112 page book. As a new knitter, I mean, Brand New knitter, these projects were a little outside my current comfort zone.  Although there are beginner, intermediate and advanced hats included, I still didn't feel all that comfortable trying any of them out.

I can say though that the book is done very well. The photography is outstanding, first of all. Each shot really exemplifies each cat hat, and I can really see a more advanced knitter taking the knowledge that they learn in these pages, to the next level with their own designs.

My favorite project was this guy. This cat looks just like my dad's Smoky and just thought of him wearing this little dinosaur cap had me cracking up!

The projects are very clear to following with lots of alternative photographs of the hats, and great knitting patterns like this one..  the Fox cap, another great one!

I also liked that the back of the book included a nice comprehensive overview of knitting and crochet tools and techniques.

As a person that isn't really into dressing their cats up, I can't imagine I'll ever create any of these but will definitely keep this book out on the coffee table as it is a wonderfully fun conversation starter for sure!!

To play along though. I did create little crocheted discs that I made my kitties try on. :)
Funny enough, they've been pretty naughty ever since.

 As will the last book review I did for Running Press, there is a blog hop happening!  Here are the participants, feel free to hop around and see if anyone created hats for their cats!

AUTHOR KICKOFF: 3/16 Scooter Knits
                                                                    3/28 Pretty Things Blog

And then, to enter the giveaway for this exclusive  Easter Egg hat kit, click HERE.
 Please note, the giveaway is being given by the publisher, not me, so please click the link above to be redirected to their entry page.

The giveaway grand prize will be a prize pack with a copy of the book, and exclusive pattern from Sara Thomas, and enough Lion brand yarn to complete the pattern. Five runners up will receive copies of the book. (Please note that this giveaway is open to US residents only).  

This contest will run from 3/16 to 3/30 @ 12 AM EST.

Good Luck!!


March 21, 2015

The Craftsy Jewelry Blog has a new writer!

That's right! You are looking at one of the new monthly writers for the Craftsy jewelry blog! My very first post went live today!  I am sharing a very rare post with readers all all of my very most favorite jewelry business vendors, from gift boxes to beads. You won't want to miss it! Head on over there now!

Craftsy, The Jewelry Blog

I will be writing posts 1-2 times a month, but I'll definitely give you a heads up here. If you want to follow their blog, go ahead and add to your bloglovin account or other blog readers.

March 19, 2015

Workin' on my shhhhhhhh........

If you could see the amount of jewelry I have here, you would be shocked. I'm drowning in it. And it's because I powerhouse through each week and create more than I can move. So, in an attempt to clean out some older stock, I have marked down a large number of items in both of my Etsy and Webstore sites, to 40% off.  Check out the Sale/Clearance sections to see what is posted, and throughout the day I will be posting new things there - the floaters that never got listed.

So check back periodically!

Also - I was thinking that this funky yarn might be cool for jewelry making so I'll be listing some yardage of this over at Jewelry accord.

March 17, 2015

A beady Plea

Dear Richelle of Shipwreck Dandy.

It appears that I am already out of these gorgeous multi color faceted polymer nuggets from you. I have had such a good time using the few that I had, and it did not take long to use them up. I know you must get asked to make them time and time again.

Oh Please. Could you make more!?  Pretty please....

These are some other things listed in your ETSY shop that has my heart all a-flutter....



Sincerely yours, forever and ever,

March 13, 2015

Enrolled in my First Craftsy Class!

I signed up to take Stephanie Japel's Knit Lab 

on CRAFTSY for learning needle knitting! I started watching the class yesterday  and I love it. It's so comprehensive - covering all the basics that I was wondering about like what needles to use, for what gauge yarn.  We are even working on a scarf project within the class.  I was shocked at how long the class actually is.  But it's cool because I can watch a little at a time and then go back to it as many times as I need to.

Craftsy, those lovelies over there, were nice enough to extend a little discount for my blog readers!

There is a huge class sale this weekend, 50% off!  But next week when that sale is over, if you use this link:

you'll get 25% off of this Knit Lab class! Sale expires Saturday March 21.

Hey why not learn something new! Have you ever taken any of the Craftsy classes?

What has your experience been like?

March 8, 2015

Bit by the Knitting Bug

I have been meaning to write this blog post for a few weeks now, but time has been escaping me each day!

Several months ago I noticed a post from my friend Nancy Adams, on Facebook, about how she was back at her knitting loom for the Winter. I ran out and bought one. A small plastic pegged Knitting Board brand sock loom. And promptly got to work learning some basics, and trying it out. It seemed a lot harder than it looked and I guess, at the time, I wasn't really patient enough to learn more about what I was doing wrong and so it was thrown on a shelf and was forgotten.

Until a few weeks ago when Nancy posted a picture of the most gorgeous colorful loom knit scarf she was working on with gorgeous baby Alpaca yarn. This time, I ran out and bought a metal peg Knitting board loom, the 10 inch model. Got some yarn and threw together this first cowl in a matter of days.

I was. SMITTEN. to say the least.

What is not to love about a nice little hobby that I can do while sitting in front of the TV during these last few cold snowy months of winter. And the instant gratification, I am learning, is what I love best about it.

I joined Ravelry - if you want to see more details about any of the finished pieces in my blog post, head on over to my page there.
You will need to sign up to see stuff on the site though- but its worth very little effort. Lots of great forums, and lots of inspiration and people to connect with!

After that, I bought another loom. and another loom. And now I have : the 10 inch loom,
the All in One Knittingboard loom, a set of round looms much like the nifty knitter looms, and the smallest, Tadpole loom. Check out to see details on all of their looms.
I was able to find a large selection of looms available at Joann fabric if you want to check them out in person.

Here's a smattering of other things I've made since starting this new hobby!

Many looms and many yarn purchases later... and I am still loving it. That's a good sign!  I just wanted to write this post to get the word out on this great little tool. The knitting loom has been around since well, a long freakin time, but there is definitely a lack of many tutorials and books on the topic, and magazines won't TOUCH tutorials for loom projects for some reason. It is very bizarre.

So, I challenge you to get yourself a loom. Play around, practice makes perfect, and try coming up with your own design and submit it, share it on social media, get the word out there!!  I know many talented people that are really capable of bringing this craft to the next level!!!!

Here is my most recent project.... I created this little clutch by myself. It wasn't a pattern. I just played around and had some ideas and brought them to fruition and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!!

I knitted the panel on my 10 inch knitting board .... using Manos Wool Clasica in Uranium.
I have been thinking about how I wanted to branch out from making usual scarves, hats, gloves or cowls. And starting instead thinking: Accessories. So I thought I'd try out a clutch. the 10 inch loom seemed like the perfect size. I had bought this yarn which is really interesting by the way .... kind of thin and thick all at the same time. and really nice and squishy. It worked great doing the Stockinette stitch as double knitting on the board.
I was thinking that I would possibly line it with fabric, but then this morning had an A-HA! moment and thought leather would be cool. I got this sheet of super soft leather at Michaels. I sewed it onto the knitted panel, folded it up and sewed the edges together. Added a sweet vintage skeleton key and riveted leather button loop not he front for the closure.


I am having the best time trying out different stitches. And am even trying to learn some regular needle knitting just so I have a better understanding of knitting - could be useful down the road if I ever need to transcribe a needle pattern to a loom pattern.
Needle knitting is much harder than it looks that's for damn sure. I am all thumbs but understand the basic knit and purl.

There are some really great youtube videos that will teach you all that you need to know to get started. Just search Loom Knitting!

March 2, 2015

Pretty Birds Book Review and Blog hop

I was recently asked to participate in reviewing this new book by Virginia Lindsay, Pretty Birds 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love  (Running Press) - and then also a blog hop for the book as well!

When the book arrived, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of flipping through it! As my regular blog readers know, I'm a bird addict, and that's putting it lightly! I really had intentions of trying to put together one of the projects for the book, but with a recent deadline for a magazine article in the midst, alas I didn't get to it in time for my blog post.  But once things slow down a bit, I really would love to try the Cardinal project.

I mean, look how adorable!! 

Each of the book projects shows a photograph of the finished project, and then for the pages of the tutorial, the images are sketched.  As with all great art project books, it lists out a materials list, some templates you can download, with a handy QR code too!

Another aspect of the book that I really liked was that each project contained a page of alternative projects you could try featuring each bird. Like the cardinal, offers up projects like an ornament or a card holder - turning just a regular ol' bird into something more versatile.

I also really loved this Cucaburra. So adorable with his spotted eye band and dotted tail.
Each bird, can be completely customizable depending one what types of fabrics you use! 

Each one is hand-sewed, no machine necessary.

Please take a moment to check out the other bloggers who have participated in this Pretty Birds blog hop:
3/10 Sweet KM
3/12 Buzzmills

And if you would like to enter to win a special prize of a bird kit and book, there will be 5 winners chosen at the end of the blog tour! Click this link to be redirected to the entry page: 

February 26, 2015

Jade Scott Update Day

Head on over to Jade Scott's ETSY shop today at 2pm CST for her pendant update!
You will love the goodies she'll be listing, I promise you!!

She created this adorable teapot and teacup charm set.... I love the outcome of this bracelet. It reminds me of all the times I enjoyed having tea parties with my sister and friends. 

February 9, 2015

Happy Valentine's Week!

The coupon code is now active in both of my online shops! Enjoy 25% off your orders today through Saturday.

Coupon code: BEMINE

Thank you and happy Valentine's!!

February 5, 2015

Some New work from this week

Time to really start thinking outside the box when it comes to staging my jewelry in photographs. It's really getting harder and harder to stand out amongst the crowds.  So I'm finding things around the house that I can use as props.

These new pieces are now listed in my webstore, head on over there for more details on each piece.

January 30, 2015

Jade Scott Pendants OH MY!

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite pieces of the past using my girl Jade Scott's resin and Copper bezel pendants. I use these a lot in my designs because:

a. Jade is forever evolving and creating new and fresh work
b. Each one of Jade's pendants is one of a kind and completely unique
c. I have yet to see a Jade Scott Pendant I didn't like
d. All of the above

You know the answer eh?

And that's only a small handful! Going back as far as 2010!!  

Her shop is absolutely stocked FULL of the most gorgeous components,
Please check it out and show her some love.

January 20, 2015

Upcoming Webinar Info!

Here's a little video teaser for you!

The next Webinar is Scheduled!

Click that link to get signed up for the live event happening
Wednesday Jan. 28, at 1pm est.
Length: 60 minutes

The webinar can be purchased here... and 
if you can't make the live event, not to worry!
You'll get an email with the download a few days after the live event.

In this web seminar you'll learn:
  • Important considerations for setting up your store from start to finish
  • Tips for creating eye catching photos and writing appealing descriptions
  • Important ways to dot all of your I's and cross all your t's when it comes to fees, billing, shipping, taxes, and how to adequately ship your items.
  • How to set up store policies so that buyers know what to expect when purchasing your jewelry
  • And much more!
  • Artists who want to sell their jewelry online 
  • Artists who want tips for creating photographs and appealing descriptions for their online store 
  • Artists who want important information about fees, billing, shipping, and taxing your jewelry correctly. 
  • Artists who need help setting up store policies
I hope to see you all there!!

January 12, 2015

Design Boards: Boden Edition

I love love love the clothes at Boden.  I thought for this new edition of design boards I would choose a few outfits from the Boden Usa website that worked well with some of my recent jewelry listings. You can find these items, with exception of the denim shirt, at BodenUsa. The denim shirt is from Anthropologie.

Bird Dress, Flats: Boden

Button Down, Khakis and Suede boots: Boden

White Wide leg White Jeans, Platform sandals: Boden
Denim Shirt: Anthropologie

Dress, and Ballet Flats: Boden