July 21, 2016

Jewelry Travel Rolls

I have struggled for years with travelling and not having an adequate storage solution for taking jewelry with me on a trip.  I normally would throw a few pieces into a zippered pouch but once there would be spending time untangling them all in order to wear any of it!

Since I have started sewing, I have tried a few different jewelry roll storage patterns but have not been happy. Either they are too small,  especially for my larger statement necklaces, or they require extra fiddly bits such as bias tape, which I have yet to master.

So I sat down and scoured Pinterest for jewelry rolls and noted each of the elements of certain storage solutions that I really liked. 
Like loops to attach necklaces to, that will allow the neckalces to hang straight down, keep each one separate from another.
 Pockets that the necklace can fit down into to protect the focal.  A place for earrings. And a zippered pouch that would hold rings, bangles or whatever else you had to bring on a trip.  A flap that kind comes down over the necklaces to protect them during the rolling process.

 And elastic loops instead of a ribbon to tie around the roll.  My jewelry roll came out pretty great. This owl roll is the prototype of my pattern. I created it bigger, 14 inches tall by about 20 inches long. But once it's rolled up, it's quite a manageable size.

While shopping for some supplies at Joann's I eyed a spool of this leather type material with holes and thought that might make a great earring solution especially with the wholes- that could accommodate stud style earrings.  I feared that they would poke through the fabric but have since discovered that if you attach the earring up through the hole, back to front , as the fabric rolls up over the earrings, it will protect the each posts, preventing any posts to poke through!!!
In this first roll, I attached that leather to the fabric but hand-sewing it with needle and thread and different intervals. Kinda tedious, I must admit. The pockets, below the earring bar, help protect longer dangly earring styles.

Here is the second Roll.

 Had been smart enough to jot down my fabric dimensions during the first try, but for some reason I guess I measured wrong because this one came out 18 inches long, instead of 20". Woops.

 Style and techniques all the same. I made sure to make the twill tape loops a little bit longer, for easier attachment with chunkier beaded pieces.

 I used an antique brass zipper instead of the first,  which was nylon.  The elastic loops- I actually forgot to attach and realized it after I had assembled and sewed up the whole thing. WOOPS. So I had to finagle them on and it worked out for the best.

 To combat the fiddly sewing of the earring leather, I chose this time to rivet it onto the fabric with Tierra Cast snap rivets. Worked out beautifully!! I love the finished look of this much better than the thread.

The zippered pouch is nice and roomy, even for bangles!  The best part of the roll is that once it's rolled up, nothing moves around inside, everything stays in one spot and nothing gets tangled during travel!

I hope to get a few more of these made up, but this colorful floral roll is available on my website now. I am hoping to have a few made to take with me to the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival that I will be participating at, in September in Sharon Springs, NY.

July 14, 2016

A Tablet Case

 Yesterday I braved the elements and put together this tablet case, loosely after Anna Graham's Tablet case pattern in her book, Handmade Style.

I chose this woven fabric that I used for that long crossbody tote that I made a week ago or two. I really struggle with the bias tape binding. So instead of using it around the whole edge of the bag, I only decided to use it on the pockets. So the construction of the bag happened much like the other project bags I was making where you assemble inside out and then flip it right side out through a hole in the lining.

I styled it with my kindle but it could also be great just as a clutch style purse.

I am happy with the outcome! I like the large pocket on the back, which I used a magnetic snap to close. Turned out great!

I lined the bag with some cotton quilting fabric.

This is available for sale in my webstore!

July 10, 2016

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Thanks to everyone for your support!


June 29, 2016

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June 24, 2016

Sewing might be the PERFECT summer craft

I am becoming braver in my sewing! I recently picked up a copy of Haute Handbags by Stampington, and fell in love with 2 small details of one of the projects in the bag. 1. That lobster clasp hanging on the outside of the bag. And 2. The adjustable strap. 

 So I headed over to Joann's and $35 later, because I can't seem to go in that store without spending over $30 at a time, came out with 3 different color straps, some hardware for the adjustable strap, a lobster clasp  and some extra sewing machine needles, (just in case).

The overall design of the bag was my own, no pattern needed. I picked out a few exterior fabrics, 2 Home decor heavy weight cottons, and picked out an interior lining color. Which is just a quilting cotton, navy and white cross hatch pattern.

I am not sure why i made the bag so long, I think I was thinking in my head that I would box up the bottom and I wanted to have enough fabric to do so, but then when I did the boxed bottom,  it didn't require as much fabric as I initially thought. So it's a bit longer. To combat that, i made the lining fabric interior, shorter by about 2-3 inches. So in order to dig for your wallet, it's within arms reach- you don't have to reach too far to get at it. 

One challenge was the woven strap- unraveling. I was wishing I had some electrical tape but not sure if that's a good way to finish off ends.... I added some super glue to the edges of the strap and am wondering how it will hold up.

Overall, I am impressed that with the little knowledge that I have so far in bag making, I was able to figure out how to construct the bag with the lining and I couldn't be more pleased with the finished result.

Have you dug out your sewing machine yet??

June 20, 2016

Zippered Bags

I sat down yesterday morning to sew a few more zippered bags, using some vintage table linens. You may notice this pink  style was one I just bought recently and showed on the blog a few posts ago. I really love how they all turned out! I am getting much better at sewing the zippers in. I have better luck using my regular presser foot v.s. the zipper foot.

These could be used as knitting project bags, OR you could use them as a travel bag, for toiletries, make up, lingerie, and the larger ones you could use to carry a nice pair of shoes or put whatever you want in them. I believe everyone can utilize a zippered bag in some way.

These have all been listed in my webstore, www.loreleieurto.com 

I am going to be testing out my mom's sewing machine this week. I drove down to pick it up this past weekend because she was having some issues with the needles breaking when she was switching the machine to do different stitches. I took it back to Joann's and of course it didn't act up at all while the lady was sewing with it.  I bought her the Singer Simple model in teal green. I am anxious to see how it compares to my Singer Heavy Duty.  Hers has a lot of fancier stitch styles to choose from, than mine does. So I'll be having fun playing around with that. Who knows, I may have a hard time giving it back to her!


June 13, 2016

Weekend Sewing

Had a fun time this weekend searching my local antique mall for some vintage linens that I could use in some bags. I came back home and got right to sewing!

Out of this bunch of fabrics above, I only used the Horse linen dishtowel and created this very sweet Tote bag! I love how it turned out, and it's HUGE! The zipper across the top will keep everything safe inside. I am offering this bag for sale on my website.

I used some fun teal and white polka dotted cotton fabric from Joann's as the bottom panel, lining and on the straps.

I also created a few boxy bags- great for knitting and crochet projects, or a travel bag or toiletry bag.

 They have a nice fleece interfacing too which makes them extra squishy. These are also available for sale on my website.

June 7, 2016

Large Size Zippered Bag, Perfect for Anything. Really

 Cotton fabrics: navy and white cross hatch, Arrows, and solid chartreuse lining
Brass world zipper pull
Woven handle
Fleece interfacing gives this bag a nice squishiness.

Perfect for a large knitting project- easily holds 4 skeins of yarn, needles and your work in progrss. But you could also use it for travel, as a bag for your favorite books, or throw a nice pair of shoes to protect them. You could keep electronics like an tablet, and your chargers. The possibilities are endless really. 

SIze: 11 x 13.5 x 4 inch boxed bottom

Available HERE