November 28, 2014

Three Days of Sales

The holidays are fast approaching and this is by far, the most popular shopping weekend of the year!! Today, Black Friday, Tomorrow, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! WHEEEEEE!

Starting today, enjoy three days of 25% off all jewelry purchases made in my Etsy shop and Webstore using coupon code THREEDAYS. Expires Tuesday Dec.2.

All jewelry purchases will be sent in a gift box, ready for gift giving- I also include business cards in every package. If you want a special note included, I can do that too!

November 26, 2014

Artists & Makers Review and Giveaway

You will definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for this brand new publication, called Artists & Makers, from Interweave/F&W/ ClothPaperScissors.  A lovely magazine, filled to the brim with very useful information for the artists and creatives out there like me, making a living making Art!  

I loved the article from my Facebook friend Jen Cushman, called "Work your Art",  where she talks about how to get away from the age-old term "Starving Artist" and answers a few really poignant questions regarding selling and teaching. 

There are  a few features on specific artists, and also some very helpful articles such as the one on setting up a perfect Open Studio sale/open house.   The In Focus article on how artists have chosen to give back to their community will have you interested and inspired in finding out about how you can help yours.

Half of the pages in this poor magazine are now dog-eared for me to go back to! I know you'll love to read this one cover to cover.

Guess what!?

I have 3 extra copies to give away to 3 random winners!! To enter to win, leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite artisan related magazine is and why.  I will announce the winners the morning of Monday Dec 1! See ya on the flip side!

Good luck!

November 25, 2014


Love ya like XO

This year I am so very thankful that I have both of my parents. I am seeing people struggling every day with the loss of either 1 or both of their parents and it breaks my heart. Although I don't see my parents every day, I think about them many times a day. I miss them and am so grateful that I can pick up the phone and call either of them and they'll be there to answer my call.

I love you Mom and Dad.

November 23, 2014

Micheals Beading Challenge Blog Hop with a Twist

Hi Everyone!!

Time for a new Beading Challenge/Blog hop!!

Heather Powers of Humblebeads, and I are teaming up again to host another Michael's Beading Challenge and blog hop.  Above, you'll see a beautiful photo and color palette taken by Heather- this jumpstarted this challenge after a recent trip to Michael's where she picked out these beauties to match her photo:

We want you to play along!

Go to your Michael's craft store and buy these beads. This week, for an extra incentive to play along, the Bead Gallery beads are 40% off! There is an extra 25% coupon off even sale items today. Check the coupon page for details.

The bead details:

So here are the rules: 

You must have a blog to participate. It's a blog hop! 

Don't have one but want to start one? I have a nice ecourse on setting up a blogger blog from start to finish. Get it here. 

Use the beads shown here, and you can add in up to 2 additional bead types to your design. 

And the twist? Let's also support small businesses. 

If  you are able, have your +2 types of beads from a beadmaker, local bead store or indie bead seller online. Your +2 beads can be ones you pick up for the challenge or ones in your stash. Make sure you include a shout out to the small business that you are supporting in your blog post.

Create any piece of jewelry you like, with the beads, using your own choice of focal.  If you want to make a necklace, and some matching bracelet and earrings... the sky is the limit.

Choose any design you like, using any technique - that'll be the fun part of the whole thing- to see what different things you can do with these same beads.

Don't have a Michael's near you? Not to worry! If you find similar beads somewhere like Hobby Lobby, go ahead and use 'em.  Seeing what everyone does with similar beads, is half the fun. If you can't find a particular bead strand at Michael's feel free to substitute a similar one. 

Reveal Date: December 18th

If you want to participate -  Head on over to Heather's Humblebeads blog the morning of December 18th (reveal Day) and use the Link Up tool to add your blog links. I find this to be the easiest way to keep track of all the participants. So mark your calendars, buy the beads, create beautiful things, and get your blog posts ready for December 18th for a great hop. 

We know it's a crazy busy time of year - use the challenge to make a gift or two. You'll have an interesting blog post and an item checked off your holiday gift list - get two things done at once! 

Please feel free to leave comments on this post, or questions too.

November 19, 2014

Open House- Saturday 1-5pm

photo :: 2011 open house

Top 5 reasons to bypass the Saquoit Craft fair Saturday to shop my jewelry Open House.  

1. No Parking issues!
2. Great Food and no Lines!
3. They won't have a cozy fire in their fireplace. 
4. No Crowds! 
5. You'll be supporting Handmade right here in New Hartford!

I am busy busy busy prepping for this weekend's open house sale. I really look forward to my annual open house because it gives me a chance to really connect with my local customers, allows me to show off my love of cooking, and gives me a reason to decorate the house early for the Holidays!!  I did a great blog post about planning your own holiday Open House, here. Give it a read if you are curious to learn some inside tips.

My menu is planned, but I still need to stop and get the ingredients. I am making my beloved Chocolate Chip zucchini bread, some new Buffalo Chicken Wonton bites, a red potato pizza, and some snacks like fruit and dip and chips and dip. We'll offer some soda, water, coffee and wine for those who want to relax a bit. :) Fire will be stoked by the DH. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by! There is no pressure to buy, it will be nice to just say hello and relax, hang out, eat some food, chill. Hope to see you there!

In all seriousness, was it wise to plan my open house the same weekend as one of the biggest craft shows in the area? Well, YES! It's on the way to Saquoit, so people can stop in on their way there or on their way home!  But also, their show goes all weekend, and mine show is just on Saturday so why not make a weekend of it, stop in to see me Saturday and save Sunday for Saquoit!?

Am I smart or what?? ;)


November 14, 2014

3 by 3 App- the future of fashion

I was contacted recently and offered a chance to pre-register for a new app that's coming soon in Spring of 2015, called 3 by 3. #3x3app is a fashion-charged social platform where designers and brands can maintain a small 3x3 space to share current designs and connect with other people, brands, and maybe even new customers. 

More details:

- 3 by 3 app is an especially attractive platform for users with interests in fashion, beauty, and style, and for brands seeking the most organic social media integrations possible within their target audience.

- The sooner that users, brands, and designers join, the greater exposure they will have - with respect to other brands and designers on the platform - upon our public launch and after. 

On the app, designers will be able to have a verified brand account with various integrated social media capabilities, the ability to upload their collections and have a brand profile that carves a unique space on the app.

I'm sharing this information with you, here, now- so that I may gain a bit of a head start to get more exposure and develop my following early. 

To sign up, go to and click Reserve Your Spot. 
Fill in your name, instagram account, app name, email, 
and when it asks you for the 
Code, if Applicable 
use my code be my follower "loreleieurto". 
Then you can have special early access to the app
Remember to check your email after you register for the next steps.

 I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there! 


November 13, 2014

November Update

Have you signed up to get my newsletter yet? If not, email me your email address and I'll get you added to the list. Lots of news shared in the November newsletter which was emailed out yesterday.

Sign up today to get on the mailing list and get the latest newsletter that also includes a pretty spectacular coupon code for subscribers only!! You won't want to miss this one, the  code is only good til tomorrow night!

I try to send one out once a month but I think it's been 2 since my last one. I promise not to bug you with them too often, at any rate.

You will get exclusive news, possibly a free tutorial, and any upcoming publications or sales info!

November 6, 2014

Promotional Team

Something I've been working on this season is forming a small group of Etsy sellers to join me in promoting Handmade for the season. My girlfriend Sarah Walker of Essentials8 and I have talked recently about the changes that have been happening over at Etsy lately.  You know,  their recent decision to take on outside manufacturers. This has definitely changed the game a little - the ability to search for handmade has become a little more difficult because of this.  

You may have noticed this yourself when searching Etsy for your favorite handmade wares. Try putting in Handmade Jewelry in the search field. You're not only going to find some handmade jewelry but you'll also find jewelry manufactured in China.  I haven't spend the extra time to see where in the 250 pages of listings, my jewelry shows up in that search. But I can imagine it's probably somewhere around the middle of that number.  In order for my jewelry to show up in the first 10 pages, I need to pay Etsy advertising/promotional fees or search ad fees. 

I've decided to bypass this process and promote in a different sort of way for the holidays.  Sarah and I have teamed up with a candle maker, a tie-dye artist, and a Graphic designer. For the season, we have each had business cards or coupon cards made up that we will insert in each of our outgoing orders, with a little note to our customers urging them to check out a few other local artisans in our group.  Doing this will open up the opportunity to promote sales for each of the shops participating.

We'll also be handing out these cards at our upcoming holiday shows, promoting each other in social media and we'll even be trying to purchase something from at least one of the other participating shops ourselves. 

Each of our customers will benefit from the coupon codes we've included. It's a win win situation- each of us being non-competing sellers, promoting our shops to the same demographic.

Check out their websites if you have a few minutes this morning!

Sarah  is the owner and proprietor of Essential8 where she sells her line of natural home and body products each with only 8 ingredients or less!

Sarah Masci of SarahMasciDesign is a local Graphic designer who creates everything from cell phone cases, to wall art!

Check out - CopperandKraftCandle  where Theresa sells her handmade Soy Wax candles and melts each with alluring seasonal scents such as Home for the Holidays or Merry Mistletoe!

Anne Stacy is the owner and proprietor at InTheFold apparel, and sells Colorful creative tie-dyed clothing .

All of my orders going out between November 15 and December 20 will include cards with special discount coupon codes for the local artisans above. 

October 28, 2014

i don't even know where to begin....

Well that there was a nice little blog hiatus eh? Sorry about that!! The last 2 weeks have been kind of a  whirlwind and time kept escaping me each day not leaving much time for blogging.  Last week, we had to jet down to Connecticut to attend the funeral of a close friend. A beautiful and loving friend who lost a very hard very long battle with ALS. She was so very young, a mere 45 years young. 2 beautiful children, 6th and 8th graders - Both are the strongest and most respectful kids I've ever known.  Their Mom will live on in each of them and we are all so grateful for that.

This past weekend, I went down to visit my parents since we'll be heading back to CT for Thanksgiving next month- Joe's 25th high school reunion is that weekend as well.  It was nice to see my parents. My father was excited to talk to me about his new pick up truck that he got recently, and also his very first iPhone.  The same model, the 5s, that I have, so there was lots of app swapping and teach and learning of things like FaceTime.  :)

My mom and I had a nice relaxing afternoon and evening, watched Twister, and ate lots of gelato in our jammies. My Grandpa was doing well, at 87 years old, still as sarcastic and funny, and full of life and always cracking jokes. LOVE that!

Now I'm back and getting back into the swing of things. Prepping for next months Open House, so that's why you're seeing a LOT of jewelry land in my stores the last few weeks.  This week I'm prepping to do another webinar, How to Set up an Etsy Jewelry store, for Jewelry Making Daily. If you have missed previous live webinars, this one is scheduled for Thursday Oct 30,  at 1pm est.  Sign up HERE. 


and now here are some pretty things.

October 16, 2014

Art Bead Scene Challenge: Milton Avery's Autumn

I thought I'd try my hand this month at the Art Bead Scene beading challenge. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful colors in Milton Avery's painting, Autumn from 1944.  I have to admit the colors were the inspiration behind the beads I chose.

I included art beads from Heather Millican of Swoon Dimples, some lampwork glass bicones from Two Turtles Designs. The wood beads are from Rich Kibbons out in Portland Oregon. The slider lamp work disc at the left, is from Outwest. The Pewter hook clasp was made by Green Girl Studios. And the etched River Rock pendant is from Riverstone Bead Co.

I really love that splash of bright red and orange by the black river rock pendant. Lots going on in this colorful necklace. It really was a joy to create!  I always love this beading challenge to get the juices flowing and it never ceases to spark tons of creativity. If you haven't tried submitting, I believe you should give it a shot! What have you got to lose?? NADA!!